Best prot pally spec tbc

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Best prot pally spec tbc

July 19, Retribution Paladin Guide Detailed Introduction Now that Sunwell is soon to be released on Outland, I was looking around for a good BIS list for my ret paladin, and not only did I have a hard time finding one, I noticed that there didn't seem to be any guides for new rets at all on this forum.

In fact, a lot of the guides I did find had information that is just plain wrong. I've previously made video guides for ret paladins in 3. The information in this guide comes from a variety of sources especially the archived EJ thread for ret paladins, which I encourage you to read as well and I will try to attribute the OP's when known. First, let's begin with an overview. Retribution Paladins rets in TBC are a melee class, similar to a rogue or a warrior.

While they will probably not be able to keep up with a pure damage dealer like a roguethey also provide some great raid utility. For example, they can refresh all judgments on the boss made by other paladins, provide crit and damage buffs to the raid, and give the raid an extra paladin blessing. There is diminishing value on the number of rets you want in a raid, but it can be really nice to bring at least one.

The class is easy to play, but if you want to master it that can take a bit more work. Another interesting thing about rets is that they are not equally viable across both factions. Vengeance is better for single target tank threat, but falls short of Command and farther short of Blood for rets.

Alliance paladins will never be able do as much DPS as their horde counterparts. It looks like this: There is definitely a bit of wiggle room however. Since I live on a different continent than the server is hosted on, I opt for two points in Improved Judgment. You really only need one will explain more about that laterbut since I know I'll always have at least ms latency, it gives me a bit of slack.

Command is also optional for blood elf paladins, but I like to have it for certain fights where I might die if I use Blood it does damage back to you, so on Prince for example you would die if you used it.

Note that vindication does not affect bosses, and you shouldn't be getting crit by bosses either, so Eye for an Eye won't help you either. Those are mostly for PVP. Reckoning would be nice, but you shouldn't be getting hit and you'd also have to go too far into the protection tree to get it.

Improved Blessing of Might is also nice to have, but typically holy paladins pick this up so you don't necessarily need it. If you know that they won't be picking it up for some reason though, you might want to grab it. Pursuit of Justice is nice because it means you won't need the speed enchant on your boots, but it's also optional.

BC tanking equipment (paladin)/Karazhan

Kings is also optional, if you have a protection paladin or a holy paladin that gets this talent don't worry about it. However, I find it really useful since I often find myself in situations where I am the only one that can provide Kings such as in 5 man dungeons.

Itemization Let's cover each stat in it's order of importance.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 11 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: Level 70 Prot Pally Spec. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply With Quote. Re: Level 70 Prot Pally Spec. Originally Posted by Petheran.

Any suggestions on the best lvl 70 Prot spec? Originally Posted by lumenos. Reckoning is useless now as it doesn't proc seals, the only extra dmg you're getting is white dmg, which is negligable threat. But then againone handed specialization increses holy dmg 2 or only white dmg? Originally Posted by karthaege. Are you sure that it wont proc SoCorruption or SoR? I just haven't seen that change anywhere and would be a bit mad if they made it that way.

Originally Posted by Peteritis. For going to 80, I would pick up Seals of the Pure and Imp. Judgments, leaving 3 more points to be spent at will. I aped when I saw the Kings change. Ye, gg blizz, promote 'alternatives' and 'we are not fond of mandatory talents'. If 5 percent parry, really only 3percent bc you dont start tanking till 72 makes diffrence get a new healer. Also side note did anyone notice the change to combat expertise? It went up 1 expertise, went down 4percent stamina, but up 6percent chance to crit.

best prot pally spec tbc

So many possibilities, so little time. Although now I'm confused It looks like Bliz brought back most of our old talents with the update of the new onesDisclaimer: This list was accurate during the early stages of gear distribution after the release of The Burning Crusade.

Currently, however, most groups are accustomed to their tanks having higher epic-level gear either scripted or welfare. This can cause difficulties for tanks starting out in Kara unless they are with a guild that is pushing them through to gear them up. This list should not be assumed to be the minimum for Kara for PuGs. This is a sample set consisting of gear obtainable before Karazhan.

All of them are taken from the list of Some Easy to Acquire Pre-raiding Tanking Gearwhich means none of them are boss-drops. Therefore, even someone with the worst luck should be able to collect all of them within two to three weeks after reaching level Note that the total avoidance is This 0.

Therefore, with full raid buff, it is uncritable, uncrushable with fair health and armor for someone starting to tank Karazhan. Besides those casted buff, buffing with [ Flask of Fortification ][ Superior Wizard Oil ] and food buff is also recommended. The stats are good enough for maintanking the easier bosses but probably not yet Prince Malchezaar or Nightbane.

Nevertheless, this list only used the easiest obtainable sources, so one should have better stats with better drops from 5-man instance bosses or BoP crafted items. This set is put-together-able through 3 - 4 weeks of farming early TBC Dungeons - some of them are boss drops, but many can be badge farmed. I will provide a first option, and where possible, I will also provide an easy alternative. Below are two possible gear sets for a full-Karazhan-cleared paladin tank.

Note that those Badge of Justice epics added in 2. Nevertheless, any Kara level tanks should be able to farm heroics or Karazhan for BoJs, and BoP crafted items are only a matter of money. Therefore, it is not difficult for a Kara level tanks to have better stats than listed here.

This set aims at maxing the stamina while keeping uncrushable and uncritable. The two blue rings are needed for their avoidance in this particular settings, though you can always replace them with [ Violet Signet of the Great Protector ] or [ Shermanar Great-Ring ] if you have more than enough avoidance. Also note that both trinkets are chosen for their stamina, but [ Darkmoon Card: Vengeance ] has the additional benefit as an extra source of threat. This set focuses on spell damage, at the expense of the health.

The high spell damage allows the DPS to go all out.

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This is good for tanking trash mobs and the easier bosses. However, the health is a bit low for the more difficult bosses, so during those encounters, changing back to the standard tanking set is recommended. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Tanking with prot pally will be very difficult after level As long as you know that going in.

You wont be tanking in raids as a Paladin in WoW Classic unless its charity and you are being carried. Why create a guide for a non-viable spec? Feral Druid could do the job, but not really well. The primary reason that Paladin was purposeful gimped in that role?

I have introduced my son to Classic though, after having left WoW after Wrath for 6 years, then coming back again for a few months in Warlords before qyuitting again. He is so excited about the idea of doing instances, so I would like to tank for him. For 5 mans only. Fake news by some of these posters.

Prot Pally is currently the best dungeon tank in Classic.

PVE Protection Warrior Tanking Guide (TBC 2.4.3)

They have the hands down best AoE aggro control. And this is double down especially in Strath and Scholo. The lack of a taunt is annoying, but easy to work around. Blessing salvation on everyone if need be… Should be fine tanking especially anything undead.

PVE Protection Paladin Guide (TBC 2.4.3)

Warriors are the only viable tank for raids but 5 mans pally will do ok. Last time I tanked I had that handy flying shield that hit 3 targets or something, but clearly not an option in classic.

Do you all Righteousness judge the skulled mob, then hit away with Righteousness? Spread among the mobs that need to be ranked?

best prot pally spec tbc

And consecrate? What about when you cc? Do you all cc the caster, or simply mark the caster with skull to be killed without tanking while you tank the hard hitting mobs?In this guide, you will learn about playing a Protection Paladin in a raid. First, we have a core build that consists of all talents that are necessary for tanking. From here, you have 13 talent points to allocate where you see fit.

Below we have a standard build that takes some damage talents from the Retribution tree. We still have our core taking talents, but we add the damage for better threat generation.

For multitanking purposes, one 1 talent point from Crusade can be re-allocated to Seal of Command. Divinity can also be taken for increased survivability. Gems are situational and depend on the build and equipment. They are used to reach the required stat caps.

best prot pally spec tbc

There are two options for gemming as a Protection Paladin: flat stamina and combined stats. To put it simply, there is one main rotation for a Protection Paladin: the rotation. It uses 5 skills: two with 6-sec cooldown and tree with 9-sec cooldown. Use a 9-sec skill, then a 6-sec skill, then a 9-sec skill, then another 6sec skill and so on. Defense rating over is mandatory to be the main tank, as it makes you uncrittable. Expertise cap is 26, which can be easily acquired through Combat ExpertiseGlyph of Seal of Vengeanceracial weapon passives, and gear.

Parry, Dodge, and Block are left out for last because Defense already increases all of them. There is no real BiS list for tanks as a good tank will always want to adjust his armor depending on the encounter. Now, instead of the two points in Jugements of the Just, you can take the Seal of Command to increase your multi-tanking mainly in donjons, or for tanking adds in raids.

That will largely compensate for the loss of damage of the Retribution tree. The 5 points you have left will be put in Benediction, to reduce well enough the amount of mana used in the processus of taking the aggro. So put this 5 points in Benediction seems a lot more usefull.

Now, Vindication is absolutely NOT a good talents, because it does not affect bosses! Seal of Command is also good if you are new at tanking, but then I prefer the first build that Malphaz presented, with the little modification I suggested.

Pursuit of Justice is also a nice talent, but not that important. So I maintain that you should put this 5 points into Seals of the Pure to increase your threat generation. Do not forget that a tank must keep the aggro especially in raid, so Seals of the Pure is primordial for that.

I agree that Hammer of Justice is very usefull, but survivability is far more important in my opinion. In short, damage does play a role in threat generation.

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Main tanks in higher tier encounters tend to take less damage in favor of more survivability but it also depends on encounter strategy.

Skip to content. Talent Tree First, we have a core build that consists of all talents that are necessary for tanking. BiS Gear There is no real BiS list for tanks as a good tank will always want to adjust his armor depending on the encounter. About The Author. Aside from my day job, I also practice Kickboxing and Muay Thai. This comment form is under antispam protection.

Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. Website admin will know that you reported it.In this guide, you will learn about playing a Protection Warrior in dungeons and raids. One-Handed Weapon Specialization should be used for fights that offer higher amounts of rage.

This build is better for farming and scenarios where you usually do not have enough rage to provide sustainable threat. Possible changes: Improved Taunt for Improved Bloodrage. In other words, mongoose grants both DPS and an increase in damage reduction. Executioner grants armor penetration for 15 seconds.

This enchant should be used on your aggro weapon, because the threat per second increase is noticeably more than Mongoose. Enchanters can also benefit from Enchant Ring — Stats on both of the Rings. Following items are meant for the second build, which relies on threat through higher DPS, but lower damage mitigation. Enchanting is used primarily for Enchant Ring — Stats.

Jewelcrafting will provide you access to unique gems, but the overall value is pretty low. Blacksmithing is definitely worth the while, even though it costs a lot to level it. This profession has some great gear for Protection Warriors which could be a starting point to gear up. Engineering can also provide some great starting gear, like Blacksmithing. Field Repair Bot G is also useful.

Depending on the ping you play with, second Devastate may be removed from the rotation to utilize other cooldowns on time. Shield Slam and Revenge have a priority over Devastate in your rotation, so even if you break the cycle — utilize these cooldowns first. In low rage scenarios, consider using Shield Bash for threat when Revenge is on cooldown. Do not waste time waiting for rage to use Devastate. Common knowledge, but still worth mentioning that Heroic Strike is used only as a rage dump ability.

The boss should be always under the effect of Demoralizing Shout and Thunder Clap. The damage mitigation from this combination of debuffs is considerable. Expertise is a vital stat for tanking. Parry is an issue since as a tank you are standing in front of the boss.

When a boss parries your attack, it reduces the default swing timer of the bosses next main hand attack. Stacking up expertise will drastically increase your survivability. Please refer to the BiS list section to have an understanding of required stats and gear you should be looking for. Skip to content. Improved Taunt may be replaced by Improved Shield Wall or One-Handed Weapon Specialization 3 points were put into Improved Sunder Armor to help out in scenarios where you have a low or medium amount of rage.

Damage build: This build is better for farming and scenarios where you usually do not have enough rage to provide sustainable threat. About The Author. Aside from my day job, I also practice Kickboxing and Muay Thai.Forgot your password? If you play with Warmode on, we have your PvP talents covered as well. Talents can be freely changed when out of combat and in a rested XP area such as an inn or a capital city.

Moreover, Tome of the Tranquil Mind and Codex of the Tranquil Mind can be used to temporarily allow players to change talents anywhere, as long as they are out of combat. Note that this does not include all forms of damage, but rather only abilities that are normally blockable, as well as abilities classified as spells; some abilities that deal Physical damage can be classified as spells as well. Holy Shield is great at reducing overall damage intake, but is not something to be relied upon against big nuke damage, as you will still have a fairly high chance of not blocking.

It is recommended on most encounters and shines where the threatening damage is either magic damage or blockable non-auto-attacks since Blessed Hammer will not do anything against that.

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Redoubtin reality, only allows Avenger's Shield to hit an extra target. This may sound good, but is realistically not very strong. Since Redoubt increases Block Value, not chance to block, the defensive value from the extra Block is very unreliable, since your chance to block is likely low without Holy Shield.

The Azerite trait Soaring Shield works together with Redoubt and will make you hit 5 targets in total.

WoW Burning Crusade - Gearing Up Your Protection Paladin

Blessed Hammer does very well offensively and is generally preferred over Holy Shield for its offensive nature. It does not have a target restriction, which allows you to still be casting while kiting or moving, which can cause additional Grand Crusader procs to allow you to cast more Avenger's Shield s easier.

First Avenger provides an increase in Grand Crusader proc frequency when tanking. While Avenger's Shield is one of the strongest tools for AoE damage, this talent performs well in pure AoE situations, but falls behind quickly everywhere else. Crusader's Judgment will allow you to recharge Shield of the Righteous slightly faster with more Judgment casts over time.

This is advantageous if the damage intake is constantly high and you need to spread out your Shield of the Righteous casts as much as possible. Overall, Crusader's Judgment is the go-to talent defensively, and the best talent offensively against a single target. Make sure to always use your Judgment stacks so you do not end up wasting any. Bastion of Light can be considered a form of a cooldown, if you want a longer period of reliable Shield of the Righteous coverage. It pairs well with Righteous Protector to be able to dish out a couple of Light of the Protector heals in a short amount of time, but, due to Light of the Protector being on the global cooldown, it will upset your rotation a lot.

The choice in this tier is entirely up to you; Fist of Justice vastly reduces the cooldown of Hammer of Justice. It does, however, suffer from diminishing returns if your group likes randomly stunning constantly, and unless used often, Hammer of Justice by itself might be enough without the lowered cooldown. It is generally the go-to talent though, since you can just throw it out every 25 seconds or so more often with Crusader's Judgment. Repentance has its uses, in cases where you want to crowd control some important add in a trash pack, or maybe an important add on a boss fight.

While a mob is under the effect of repentance, mobs have a slightly shorter body pull range, but will still pull you into combat should you get to close. This means that if the add is susceptible to crowd control, it can be interrupted no matter how many other stuns it has already suffered. Its long cooldown means that using it requires more planning. The first question you need to ask yourself when looking at these talents is if you need Blessing of Protection.

Since Blessing of Spellwarding replaces Blessing of Protection, you first have to make sure what you need the most; both can be used to cheese plenty of mechanics and abilities, especially in raids.

If you do not particularly feel you need either, you get to choose. Retribution Aura is incredibly weak. Its damage is barely even worth it even in large AoE pulls, and in most cases Cavalier will provide more DPS by making you able to move between mobs faster.

Blessing of Spellwarding is an amazing tool for both dungeons and raiding, for any situation that involves magic damage, giving you a magic-damage immunity. Aside from being immune to magic damage, it also prevents the application of numerous magic debuffs, but does not remove them; this allows you to perform creative fight strategies.

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Note that unlike Blessing of Protection, the bosses will still target you while it is active. That said, they may choose to ignore you with a targeted spell if Spellwarding is active. With a limited cooldown kit, this makes a sizable difference, allowing you to have something for emergencies more often. The reduction of Divine Shield and Lay on Hands can also be useful in very rare situations, as their cooldowns are still rather long to rely on.

If you need another strong defensive cooldown, Final Stand is a great choice.


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